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Spource-development stopped - too much work

by Michael Staudinger, MSc

Posted on 2015-09-09 14:53:19

Work to do for EJPO,
new project s'App for the fifth semester,
work for my bachelors is in need
and the fifth semester is starting soon.

This is just a little overview what I have to do in next time, so sadly I have to stop the development on Spource for some time.

I made a working "template" for it, but it is far away from becoming a game.

I am sorry about that and you will be informed here when there is time to continue.

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Xbox360-Controller-Manager for libGDX released

by Michael Staudinger, MSc

Posted on 2015-05-23 14:38:18

My framework for managing multiple (or a single) Xbox360-Controller in libGDX for Java is done.

You can use it for free. I would love to be mentioned in your credits, if you tell your friends, family, etc. of me and my work or just contact me and tell me if this worked for you.

I tested it with two wired controllers, so I do not exactly know if it works with wireless controllers.

Be sure you create a libGDX-project with the project-creator of the libGDX-creators and add the "Controllers"-AddOn.

Afterwards you can just add the whole "at"-directory to projectDirectory/src/.

Here you can find the whole documentation of my framework
and here you can download the framework for free.

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Started development of a new game

by Michael Staudinger, MSc

Posted on 2015-04-02 14:43:16

Beside the small 2D-prototype which will be created in the 4th term in university, there will be an own project where I want to use my new skills.

I will leak little information for now:

  • Name of the game: Spource
  • Programming language: Java
  • Used libraries: libGDX, Controller-Management, ...
  • Type: 2D-Space-Shooter
  • First release: 4th quarter 2015 (Closed Pre-Alpha)

Upcoming information you will find continuously here on

The concept is set up but how this project will evolve is written in the stars.

Programming | 2D , Announcement , Controller , Development , Game , Java , libGDX , Programming , Spource

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